As the owner of Newtown Health & Wellness Center, there’s nothing I like more than to hear positive feedback from our clients and patients about their experiences here. It’s so gratifying to know we’re providing a nurturing place for people to heal as their bodies recover from injury, to build strength and stamina they’ve always wanted, or simply to maintain the good health and fitness they know is a real gift in this life.

But honestly, I’m the only one who benefits from this feedback if I don’t share it with my staff and with you, who may be considering becoming a client. After all, I can talk all day about how wonderful we are, but in the end, you’re going to find other clients far more convincing. So I’m sharing here some of the truly gratifying comments we’ve received over the years from people just like you, who are looking for a wellness and fitness home here in the Delaware Valley. I hope you’ll read these comments, then give us an opportunity to prove our value to the quality of your life, as well.

– Ilene Morris White       

“The massage therapists of NHW are wonderfully talented in presenting pinpoint accuracy with massage therapy and muscle work. Their attitudes are remarkably caring, yet suitably professional. Their knowledge is quite thorough, as they treat clients consistently and reliably. The therapists are recognized for their compassion and willingness to learn along with their clientele, while consistently exceeding the industry’s standard scope of care for their clients.”

– Jim L. (Recent transplant to Newtown)

“I was without a massage therapist for two years, although I have had chronic back pain for years. I hurt my upper arm and needed massage to help alleviate the pain, but who do you trust? A relative referred me to the massage therapists at NHW.  Within a week, the pain in my shoulder subsided. I then asked that they start working on my back, and have been relatively pain-free after a couple of weeks.”

– Carl G.

“If you are looking for pain relief for overworked muscles, see the massage therapists at NHW. They perform a great sports massage, targeting areas that really need attention. They work tight muscles, locate pain points, and use stretching to get maximum release. I highly recommend this technique for athletes.”

– Mimi