Massage Therapies

  • NHWC_Massage_Room_18Deep Muscle Therapeutic – A relaxing, full-body massage incorporating some acupressure and reflexology techniques, working as deeply as is comfortable for the client. This therapy takes client preference and health history into consideration to improve the body’s functions and promote a feeling of health and balanced wellbeing.
  • Warm River Stone – Smooth, heated stones are placed on the body to relax the muscles before soothing massage begins. The stones are used along with high quality essential oils to balance the body physically and energetically.
  • Swedish – This massage is for relaxation and increasing circulation. It calms the body and helps the mind to focus.
  • Reflexology – This massage applies finger or thumb pressure to specific points on the hands and feet known to correspond to different areas of the body. This allows that part of the body to relax and release any tension in the corresponding muscles.
  • Pre/Post-Natal* – A light, full body massage to accommodate the health and circulation of the mother-to-be. It helps ease low back pain, fluid retention, and leg cramps. If received throughout the entire pregnancy, the pain associated with childbirth is often greatly decreased.
    *A doctor’s written approval is required prior to service.