Wellness and Fitness

Ilene-Ball-TeachingOur general Wellness & Fitness classes are primarily floor-based exercises, some using small accessories and workout tools.

  • Unless otherwise noted, standard class duration is one hour.
  • Quality versus quantity is important: Our class sizes are kept small to ensure intimate attention.
  • We offer class packages and monthly unlimited plans to suit your needs.

Our Gym Equipment

  • Life Fitness dual-pulley system
  • Vectra Multi-gym
  • Free weights – 1 lb. to 70 lbs.
  • Life Fitness treadmill, ellipticals, recumbent bike
  • Private Training – Personalized sessions that address your individual needs, using different pieces of Pilates equipment, mat work and a variety of props. Recommended for everyone, especially those who want to get a deeper understanding of Pilates. One-on-one private training sessions are the most beneficial way to learn the Pilates exercises and principles, and help you discipline your body to move properly. Your instructor can work specifically with what your body needs, and teach you appropriate exercises and modifications to enhance your individual practice, physical and mental well-being. With consistency, patience, and focus, you and your instructor will continue to progress your technique to its fullest potential, reach goals, and maintain life-changing results!
  • Mat Pilates with Rings ‘n Things – This modality employs controlled breathing as you perform body weight-resisted movement to build a stronger core. Our Mat Classes are like no other, using a variety of props like the Pilates ring and gravity for a challenging and invigorating experience! We offer different classes to suit your physical needs, including a Back Care/Core Restore Class for clients with back pain and injuries.
  • Introductory Pilates – For anyone new to Pilates. Learn how to breathe, find the core stabilizing muscles and begin to build a solid foundation for your Pilates practice. Pre-registration is required.
  • Duets – Take these classes with a friend! Semi-private sessions for two are a great way to spend time together with personalization, utilizing Pilates equipment, mats and props. If your BFF can’t join you, let us know and we can pair you up with another interested client.
  • Reformer Class – A great machine workout! Our group classes offer the opportunity to receive training at a more affordable rate. These classes have a general structure and flow; however, our instructors remain conscious of necessary modifications that may need to be applied so you’ll still feel as though you’re receiving individual attention in a class setting. We offer different class levels to suit your physical needs. Classes are limited to 6 clients. Reformer experience and teacher approval are required to enter a beginning class. Pre-registration is required.
  • Yoga – A holistic approach for reducing stress and instilling a sense of balance in one’s work and personal life. Yoga unites the mind/body/spirit by teaching breathing practices, proper posture and deep relaxation. The benefits of yoga are extraordinary, rejuvenating and energizing your entire being. Limited class sizes in our soundproofed private studio provide a relaxed and serene atmosphere to ensure optimal results.
  • Barre Workout – Ballet-inspired workouts great for developing lean muscle mass while improving balance, flexibility and range of motion.
  • Foam Roller Workout – This amazingly effective, total-body workout uses a simple foam roller to help release tension in your connective tissues and work out kinks and knots in sore muscles. It can also be used as a strength-training tool, focusing on specific, key muscles you want to tone.
  • Circuit Training – With its origins in military-type drills, circuit training involves performing one exercise after another with little or no rest between them. Many people believe weightlifting is the only type of exercises that comprise circuit training, but other aerobic/anaerobic work can qualify.
  • 30-Minute Reformer equipment Classes
    • Quick Fit
    • Jump Board
    • Simply Core
    • Tower

We encourage you to call us at 215-579-9200 with any questions you may have regarding our particular approach to any instruction.