Special Classes

Photo courtesy of Balanced Body.

If you’re really looking for a fitness challenge, try one of our Special Classes that feature the latest fitness trends. No chance of getting bored with any of these exciting, rigorous workouts! Try them alone or, better yet, bring a friend to double your fun.

  • Pole Dancing – Nope, not THAT kind of pole dancing! This is the legit kind, full of graceful spins, stunning poses and dramatic inverts that make pole work one of the most visually impressive forms of exercise. If you ever fantasized that it was you on the screen when watching “Flashdance,” here’s your chance to live it out on the floor in a fun, effective workout that strengthens your whole body. Build confidence and self esteem while boosting flexibility and muscle tone.
  • TRX Suspension Training – Pioneered by the Navy SEALs, suspension training bodyweight exercise develops strength, balance, endurance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. Using webbing straps, this method leverages gravity and your own body weight to ad or decrease resistance, so it’s very flexible to accommodate all fitness levels.
  • EXO Pilates Chair Workout – The new EXO Chair delivers a unique and fun, full-body workout. With the addition of our Functional Resistance Kits, now you can push and pull! Double the chair repertoire with a host of new exercises, and gain a cardio/aerobic workout not possible with any other chair. Great for group classes, personal training sessions and at home, for users of all levels.

Our instructors are highly trained to guide you through these challenging workouts and ensure you maximize effectiveness while minimizing any chance for overwork or injury. We encourage you to call us at 215-579-9200 with any questions you may have regarding our particular approach to any instruction.