Pilates Staff and Getting Started

Ilene Machine Teaching_114Pilates Staff

NHW is a full-service contemporary Pilates studio in Newtown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. We focus on individual client needs. We offer a variety of training options for all levels of physical ability, from the person new to exercise or rehabilitating an injury to the aspiring or professional dancer or athlete.

Our Pilates teacher, Ilene, is comprehensively trained by Polestar and is a PMA nationally certified Pilates professional who specializes in a therapeutic approach to Pilates. After your first session, you will feel lengthened, released and invigorated.

Our staff exudes positive energy for all who enter the space. It is our pleasure to provide you with a warm and uplifting experience for your physical and mental fitness. We strive to create a comfortable, family-like atmosphere and to establish a sense of community and provide social interaction among this “neighborhood” and within the studio.

Choose Your Pilates Instructor Wisely

Both classic and contemporary Pilates styles have their merits, and it is interesting to study and practice both. There are a few reputable training and certification centers, and your instructor should, at the very least, be trained by one of them. The Pilates Method Alliance™ is seeking to establish national standards, but there are none yet. Without them, the name “Pilates” is fairly generic and almost anyone can get “certified” on the Internet with little or no real training…so be careful!

Explore the styles, make sure your instructor is trained by a center recognized for its standards by a nationally accredited program.. Most of all, trust your instincts and your body. If your instructor does not help you, cue you, touch you, and you do not feel like you are “getting” what Pilates is all about or what you are getting is pain…change instructors.

Getting Started

Anyone can start Pilates! Please wear comfortable workout clothing you are able to move freely in; no jewelry or strong perfumes. Mats and other accessories are provided for you at the studio.

We require you to take a series of three introductory sessions prior to joining the classes. These private sessions are mandatory to ensure your safety and understanding of necessary exercise modifications. They include:

  • Initial Personal Assessment
  • Introduction to Pilates Principles
  • Pilates Method Techniques

We want everyone to work using the proper movement and alignment, as well as learning the principles of Pilates that will assist you. Since our bodies are more prone to injury when we lose control of our muscles and joints, introductory classes help you to build the strength and flexibility to advance safely.

After their introductory series, many of our clients find a weekly combination of private training and group classes the ideal training option. The optimal program for your physical and financial needs will be designed for you during your Initial Personal Assessment.

Initial Assessment

Every NHW client’s journey begins with an Initial Personal Assessment. With work that deals with something as important and personal as your physical health and wellbeing, we need to really get to know you. The assessment process helps us discover where you are in your journey toward fitness, what goals make sense for you, and how we can help you reach those goals.

Your one-hour assessment session includes:

  • an alignment and postural analysis
  • a lesson on breathing and core muscles identification
  • a discussion of your goals and how Pilates can help you reach them
  • an introduction to Pilates exercises and the Pilates equipment
  • A recommended program designed to fit your individual physical needs and your fitness budget.

The next two sessions will focus on the main principles of Pilates, preparing you for entering group classes. We want you to gain a deep understanding of the Pilates method, which will help you succeed in reaching your wellness goals.