Pilates Apparatus

NHWC_PILATES_134We offer a number of Pilates system workouts using our reformer machines and other related apparatus. Although the Pilates system was originally intended for use in physical rehabilitation, over the years it has been developed into use for overall fitness and even body sculpting. Our equipment helps make Pilates workouts more fun and even more effective.

  • Reformer – Equipment consisting of a foot bar, straps attached to pulleys and resistance springs, and a carriage to hold your body. Movements on the machine are performed either lying down, sitting, kneeling or standing. The carriage moves using the foot bar or straps opposed by variable resistance levels. This type of exercise aids in the development of the core muscles and forces mindful movement. A powerful machine, the reformer should be used under the guidance of a certified Pilates teacher.
  • Tower – Tower exercises will stretch and strengthen your muscles, helping you be aware of and understand your body. The Tower helps you feel how your body stretches and moves with the apparatus, and these exercises can be done in conjunction with mat routines.
  • Jumpboard Workout – Can be used in rehabilitation for those with ailments such as osteoporosis, since it’s good for bone building. Clients with knee and ankle issues will also realize great improvement. For healthy people seeking a challenging workout, jumpboard is fantastic for strengthening the core, elevating heart rate, training coordination, burning calories, and muscle strengthening. A cardio section may be added for stress reduction and endurance training.
  • Pre/post-natal – Pregnant women in all trimesters can benefit from guided workouts on a combination of our Pilates apparatus.
  • Rehabilitation – Patients recovering from injury find Pilates reformer exercise highly effective because it incorporates strength and flexibility training while addressing balance, kinesthetic awareness and efficient movement.
  • Sports-Specific Training – Professional and recreational athletes can develop their body awareness in maintaining optimal alignment, increasing their power while minimizing risk of injury. Pilates apparatus training also works toward body balance and development of muscular symmetry.
  • Simply Core – This workout is designed specifically to exploit the power of Pilates equipment to help you achieve and maintain a strong body center, which is the source of all balance and enduring strength.

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