ZumbaDance training fits perfectly with our fitness philosophy that wellness and joy go hand-in-hand. It’s hard not to smile when you’re dancing, and it’s almost as difficult not to sweat off those pounds and tighten up those thighs and abs as you kick up your heels in fun with the rest of your dance crew. Yet another reason to smile! Choose your favorite flava of dance-a-liciousness, and get your groove on to the music.

  • Hip-Hop – A super-high-energy workout that’ll have you gettin’ jiggy wit’ it while the pounds melt away. Our instructors make the hot moves accessible and easy to follow while you learn the latest club grooves.
  • Zumba! – You’ll love this Latin-inspired mix of fun and fitness as you shake your koochee-koochee to the trippy beats of salsa, reggaeton and similar hot dance tunes. You haven’t had this much fun since first grade gym class. In fact, it’s the most fun you’ll ever have sweatin’ and shakin’!

Both of these formats are intense and require some endurance, so we don’t recommend them for rehab patients just starting out on their therapeutic regimen. We encourage you to call us at 215-579-9200 with any questions you may have regarding our particular approach to any instruction.