Welcome to Newtown Health & Wellness Center, located just outside historic downtown Newtown, Bucks County , Pennsylvania.

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We specialize in teaching and implementing proven methods of regaining and retaining wellness with those who realize the true gift of good health. Often, this awareness comes out of a severe injury or accident, but whichever path has led you to our door, we are confident you’ll be glad you came.

We take an integrated approach to improving your quality of life through natural, scientifically sound, non-medical health care techniques. Our staff works together as a team, combining different techniques and treatment strategies to speed our clients to recovery. Then we help you maintain wellness once you achieve your optimum state of wellbeing.

  • Chiropractic – Adjustments, therapeutic modalities and muscle work performed by our doctor address issues with your neuromuscular and skeletal systems.
  • Bodywork – Sport-specific muscle and deep tissue work by our experienced massage therapists complement these efforts by working and relaxing stress-bound or trauma-injured muscles and tissues.
  • Therapeutic rehabilitation – Using the Pilates reformer and traditional rehab exercises help you regain muscle stability, strength and function following inordinate stress and trauma.
  • Personal training  – To get you started on the road to recovery, we offer personal training that customizes your rehab routine to your individual needs and specific desired outcomes. There’s no “one-size-fits-all” attitude here at Newtown Health & Wellness.

These are just some of the services we offer to get you on the road to better health and wellness. And they’re all delivered with just the right balance of serious professionalism, a sense of fun, and real dedication to helping you recapture the joy of a healthy body that functions at its highest possible level.

Don’t postpone your joy one minute longer. Call 215-579-9200 right now, to learn lasting ways to stop the pain, increase your body’s function, and empower yourself to live your best quality life!

Disclaimer: Newtown Health & Wellness offers personal training and therapeutic exercise. All other services offered here are by independent contractors operating within, but independently of, Newtown Health & Wellness. The information and data published on the website are strictly for informational purposes. None of the information contained on this website is intended to take the place of a physician’s care.