At Newtown Health and Wellness Center, it’s all about balance. Nature seeks balance in all things, and your mind and body are no exception. That’s why a balanced wellness program is the key to being, feeling and performing at your best.

The energetic and caring people here at Newtown Health & Wellness Center in Newtown, Pennsylvania, can help you achieve your wellness goals:

  • building strength, stamina and flexibility
  • physical rehabilitation in response to an accident or other trauma
  • simply developing and helping you execute an ongoing fitness routine

 Integrated Wellness Services

We customize many integrated services to your individual goals and needs, including:

  • Personal training
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Chiropractic
  • Massage therapy
  • Nutrition counseling

… and more!


We’re proud of our new, fully equipped Pilates studio, providing you with the finest

  • Private, Duet & Small Group Classes (max. 6 clients at a time) with Reformers, all with towers and jump boards
  • Trapeze Table
  • Pilates chair
  • Spine corrector
  • Ladder barrel
  • More!

Chiropractic, Physical Therapy & Bodywork

Our chiropractors are certified in many techniques such as Gua Sha and laser acupuncture that are great for rehabilitation , especially when integrated with chiropractic care.

  • Is traditional physical therapy not working for you?
  • Tired of only your symptoms being treated?
  • Looking for lasting correction?

Then take a deep breath, relax, and call now to make an appointment. You’ve finally found the expert help you need. Be assured that from your first visit, you’ll be treated with competence, care and the compassion you’d expect from highly trained and accomplished health professionals.